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Our Houe Your Home cover

A pleasure to work with Richard T Kelly on this, a book about social housing, commissioned by New Writing North and funded by Isos Housing Association. It’s a massive and complex subject so it was hard to know where to start. From the beginning I wanted shots that were personal and uplifting, looking at what makes a house a home. And as Richard developed his story I took photographs of dogs in Hexham, Peabody Estates in London, people’s personal belongings in Northumberland and a domestic violence unit somewhere in Tyneside, amongst other things. It was a bit of personal journey, learning about the history of housing, the current situation, visiting estates all over the country, meeting all kinds of lovely people, the ones I planned to meet or the ones I got chatting to on the street. What results is a mixture of portraits, editorial, architectural shots with I hope, a bit of the uplifting and funny. And mixed with some historical archive photos.

I also hope it helps to make a difference to the housing crisis, all credit to Isos Housing Association for making it happen.

Buy it from here rather than swell Amazon’s coffers..

The Guardian 22/10/2014guardian article

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architectural and location photographer in the North East of England

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