A total privilege and pleasure

to be shooting Durham City. I’ve had a soft spot for Durham all my life, and poignantly, my Dad bought me my first slr there, a Canon AE1 with a 50mm lens, from the shop just up from Elvet bridge in the early 1980s.
A few cameras later, there’s more students around and some new buildings, but essentially it’s the same. The setting, the cathedral, all the other historic elements, the greenery, the river, all as magnificent as ever.
Set in and around a u-shaped river, the knack is learning the bridges, the little cut throughs and the good parking places. And another important factor for location photographers, the whereabouts of public toilets and good coffee shops.
Sensible shoes wise, it’s small and hilly. But to find photographic opportunities, you have to walk and explore and keep looking. And then go back and do it all again. So sensible is the watchword for kit and shoes.
The hard things, as per usual, are vans on kerbs, cars and vans generally, road signs, road works, cctv, giant wheelie bins, people doing stupid things in front of the camera. Plus the weather. On the plus side, Durham has more than it’s fair share of good cake shops…Durham City

About sallyannnorman

architectural and location photographer in the North East of England

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