Plenty to cheer about in the North East

You're wonderful, North East

Buildings made out of cake ? Whatever next ?

On Sunday was Cakebook, the annual event where people make buildings out of cake. Then they, and a whole load of other people, eat the cake. I was working for NGI, taking portraits of  ‘bakers and their buildings’. That’s architectural photography in it’s loosest sense.

There was talent, enthusiasm, creativity, team spirit, community spirit, innovation, camaraderie, effort, all the things that make this region so great. The event was a joy to behold, warmed the cockles of my north east heart.

A couple of weeks ago I was photographing a factory in Teesside. A brand new facility for an established and successful manufacturing company who make plastic parts for cars. On an industrial estate near Yarm there are people with specialist knowledge and skills, using modern technology, being successful and moving forward. It’s not unusual that I visit factories where I’m impressed by what goes on there. It’s not all doom and gloom up here in the North East. We’re still here, surviving and having a laugh.

About sallyannnorman

architectural and location photographer in the North East of England

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