Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not..

I was driving up the A1

I was driving up the A1 after a day’s shoot in the Midlands.

The great Tyneside flood of 2012 was the day before and I’d missed it. So when I saw this sky I thought I might actually get an extreme-weather-photo-opportunity after all. How long would the sky last ? Should I just pull over when I can and just snap. Or should I try and find a worthy viewpoint, work at getting a good shot ? I found a lay-by where I could pull over with a view of this church and waited. I took a variety as the clouds and sunshine beams changed. And then went through the indecision of should I move on / should I walk across that field / should I find a better viewpoint / should I just relax and go with getting this shot right ? There’s always a better shot to get in position for but sometimes it’s ok to just stop the car and snap.

About sallyannnorman

architectural and location photographer in the North East of England


  1. Mary Lowe

    looks beautiful, whether its fine or not. Like the blog Sally, keep it coming!

  2. Summer 2012. About sums it up. Liking this blog very much, keep bloggering on my friend. Quil 😉

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