North facers

Lovely new extension to a Georgian House by JDDK Architects

This is a lovely new extension to a Georgian House by JDDK Architects. It’s St. Columba’s Hospice in Edinburgh and the extension is a new education facility. I’ve worked for JDDK for a long time and know that I’ll arrive at a building that’s easy to photograph, in that there won’t be anything I need to avoid. The lines are always clean, the detailing excellent, a good mix of quality materials etc, in architectural photographer’s speak – lots to work with.

I pencilled in a week for this job, I talked to the occupiers beforehand and kept an eye on the forecast so giving them 24 hours notice of my arrival. I left Gateshead at 6am, a lovely drive up through the borders and when I arrived, the sun was out, beautiful blue sky. Perfect. The Hospice staff couldn’t have been more welcoming and accommodating, even offering me a cup of tea, which is actually quite unusual !

This facade was north facing but an important and striking facade so I had to find some shots. I always wander around looking at the building from everywhere, looking at where the sun’s going, what it might do next. This shot just presented itself and was used by JDDK on the cover of their quarterly newsletter

You can see more shots of the building here

Jane Darbyshire & David Kendall Ltd

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