Clash & Sansome Hall Architects win Hadrian Awards

Clash & Sansome Hall Architects win Hadrian Awards

This one needed a Sunday morning

Because during the week it’s a very busy road and you can’t stand in the middle of it sadly. I wanted a clear view of the base of the building without parked cars interfering. I had tried a couple of weeks before early on a sunny Sunday morning but there was a scruffy blue van right outside the hotel, parked half on the kerb. I went inside the hotel to ask if it could be moved but the owner couldn’t be found. He was the emergency plumber and they didn’t know where he was. A very typically frustrating scenario for architectural photographers. Why not retouch it out in Photoshop ? Well yes, anything’s possible with Photoshop but where it was, the reflections it created etc etc would have made it a very difficult touch up job and it’s always better to get the shot right rather than rely on Photoshop. I shot it anyway and if my deadline had been the next day, I would have used it. Luckily the architect was happy to wait for the right moment and so a couple of weeks later I got this shot.

Other problems were the curtains – in an ideal world, I wanted them open but as it was a weekend and the guests in these rooms were probably still in bed there was nothing I could do about it. Smokers….outside the front door there are nearly always smokers. It’s not a good look so timing is important. And bins, the great big enormous ones that are hard to hide – I’ve retouched the one that was outside the bar next door. There was also some water staining high up on the stonework which I also retouched out.

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