Timing and viewpoint and problem solving

Newcastle Theatre Royal

I took this from the offices of Scott Wilson Ltd (thanks SW). I wanted an elevated viewpoint for an uninterrupted view, it’s a very tall building that you can’t get very far back from. It’s all about problem solving really this job. The taking of the photo is the last easy bit. The window that didn’t open quite wide enough so I had to use a bracket/arm/weight contraption to get the camera out of the window. Safely. I took a number of variables of people and traffic. I had to add blurred lights to hide a van that was to the left of the building. There’s always one, don’t get me started on vans. What else would I add to the list of ‘wants’ ? a little wind to get the flag flying. Got it for the daytime version but not for this one. And if we’re really getting into it, a couple of people standing graciously but very still inside the theatre windows. The guy sitting on the bench to have a pal. The coffee shop on the corner open. Fewer stains to retouch from the paving. World peace.

For more photos of Newcastle’s Theatre Royal before, during and after renovation, click here

Theatre Royal Newcastle website

About sallyannnorman

architectural and location photographer in the North East of England

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  1. those southerners would not believe this was lovely Newcastle – amazing pic sal

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